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My portfolio includes work with Keegan Theatre, Taffety Punk Theatre Company, and Olney Theatre Center. I have also designed a wide range of education theatre productions. 


Merrily We Roll Along  ○  Directed by Christina Coakley & Jennifer Hopkins  ○  Keegan Theatre

This Inherent Echo  ○  Choreographed by Erin Nelson  ○  Taffety Punk Theatre Company

Our Black Death  ○  Associate Designer  ○  Designed by Jen Gillette  ○  Taffety Punk Theatre Company

"Jen Gillette has dressed the cast in costumes adorned with such rich layered tapestries of fabrics and leathers and textures and colorful detail that seen up close these clothes seem the quality of grand opera."

—DC Theater Arts

Shakespeare in Love (Helen Hayes Award Nomination)  ○  Dir. Ricky Drummond & Douglas Dubois  ○  Keegan Theatre

"Elizabeth Morton’s costumes were sumptuous period pieces, with plentiful frills and petticoats."

—MD Theatre Guide 

"The sets and costumes are evocative and clever, each always giving you something new to watch with each scene."

—DC Theater Arts

Othello  ○  Dir. Kelsey Mesa  ○  Taffety Punk Theatre Company