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Throughout my theatre education, I have never just done one thing. From acting in shows I also costume designed, to enacting marketing campaigns for shows I executive produced, I love having my hands in multiple parts of a production. ​ What I once perceived as an inability to make up my mind, I now realize is an advantage that makes me a better artist in all that I do. 

Being a wardrobe technician makes me a better administrator, graphic design enhances my skills as a costume designer, having performance experience makes me a more empathetic collaborator and colleague. I'm lucky that so many of my passions feed into one another. 

My main interests in theatre are new works and classic plays. The deeply personal nature of theatre makes it the most individually impactful art form, and I intend to use this art form to uplift narratives of the unheard, and ask uncomfortable questions to complacent audiences.  In a world where theatre tickets are a luxury only few can afford, I think subversive theatre is more important than ever. 

This passion has fueled me to help found a new theatre company, Fractal Theatre Collective, with these radical theatre-making practices at the forefront. I worked in communications for the company, while also helping to execute productions and programming. I helmed a programming stream called Devised Theatre Playground, with the intent to provide a space for local artists to collaborate together to create their own works in a fail-safe, educational space.  

During the 2018-2019 season, I held a costume apprenticeship at Olney Theatre Center. I currently work at Studio Theatre developing and designing multimedia content for marketing, as well as other departments at the organization.

I have recently worked as a freelancer with Taffety Punk Theatre, Arena Stage, and American University. 

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